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ITO, Chie
Born: 1970
Function: dancer choreographer
Company: Strange Kinoko Dance Company

Ito Chie founded the Strange Kinoko Dance Co. while still a student in the Nihon University College of Art. Ever since then, she has had complete charge over the performance, choreography, and composition of all the company's works. She has presented a variety of works that look at dance from a number of angles, with the objective of researching dance. In addition to performances in theatrical spaces, she has also made the effort to present performances out of doors and in other non-traditional spaces. She experiences the dances that occur in these spaces along with the audience in order to find and enjoy the dance inherent in the respective places and bodies. Active in a wide variety of areas, she tours regional cities, choreographs films and plays, conducts workshops, and creates images, in addition to one or two performances of new works per year. In 2000, she received the Yokohama City Cultural Promotion Prize at the Yokohama Dance Collection Solo and Duo Competition. In the same year, she received the Newcomers' Prize from the Japan Dance Critics Association. She has performed in France, Thailand, and India.

photo by KATAOKA Yohta
Frill (mini) Wild
This is the "wild" version of "Frill (mini)," which is based on the concept of a minimally adorned expression of the natural body on the stage. The dancers assemble in the central courtyard of the art museum and make use of the entire building, including the cafe and the rooftop. The last scene of the last day's performance was accompanied by thunder and lightning, as can happen only in an outdoor performance, which was exciting for both the audience and the performers.