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TEZUKA, Natsuko
Born: 1970
Function: dancer choreographer

TEZUKA Natsuko began learning to play the violin at age 4. After studying at the Japan Studio of Mime, she began a solo career. In 2000, she joined the company Nibroll as a dancer. In 2001 she began the series anatomical experiment of myself, in which she uses her own living body as the experimental subject. "If I give a certain part of my body special treatment, my body changes from it's normal state, which is interesting," TEZUKA says. By reflecting upon herself and objectifying herself, she pursues a creative theme in which the whole and the parts call to one another in various phases. She specializes in performing in a variety of venues, including small spaces and on the street. She has conducted workshops for dancers, actors, and the mentally challenged. She was a finalist for the Toyota Choreography Award 2002.

photo by WAKUI Hiromi
anatomical experiment of myself
These works are a series in which TEZUKA attempts to exercise minute control over various bodily organs, rebuild the circuits between the mind and the body, and to create chain reactions among the bodily organs. As of October 2003, she has performed four series, and with each performance, her body and her life have changed.