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Pappa Tarahumara*

Pappa Tarahumara was formed in 1982 by former TV director, Koike Hiroshi, together with fellow students from Hitotsubashi University, including Ogawa Mariko. He became their leader and has since written and directed all their performances. Pappa Tarahumara blend dance, installation art, music, voice performance and so forth with a theater base to create a dreamy and highly aesthetic stage presence. They frequently perform abroad and collaborate with overseas artists. Their best-known work is Fune o miru (Ship in a View), which premiered in 1997 and has since gained international acclaim following its invitation to the Vienna Biennale, a tour of Latin America, Macao, and the United States, and a guest performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music Opera House. In Koike's archetypal image of a 1960s seaside town, performers sing and dance around a pole reminiscent of a mast rising from the center of the stage, as if to show their desire to embark on a journey away from their daily lives. Papa Tarahumara also have their own stage school, P.A.I., to train young artists.

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Photo: Koike Hiroshi