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Artist Interview
Artist Interview: Another key part of the Ninagawa world   The stage art of Tsukasa Nakagoshi
Tsukasa NakagoshiTsukasa Nakagoshi first met director Yukio Ninagawa and began participating in productions of the experimental small-theater oriented company NINAGAWA STUDIO (1984 – 2008) as a child actor at the age of 12, and at the age of 22 he made his debut as a set designer for the company. Ever since, Ninagawa and Nakagoshi have continued to work together in creating stage art for some 110 productions. In this interview, Nakagoshi talks about the theatrical spaces he creates, which have included stepped sets, ones full of flowers or rain projecting a sense of the energy of the common people, and sets with mirrors that reflect the times or water surfaces and more.
Artist Interview: Ten years as a theaterfs residential dance company   Noismfs decade of achievement
Jo KanamoriThe dance company Noism was established as the Ryutopia Niigata City Performing Arts Center’s residential dance company when the Center appointed Jo Kanamori (age 29 at the time) artistic director of its dance department. This year the company celebrates its tenth anniversary. In 2009, the trainee company Noism 2 was established. In this interview, Kanamori talks about Noism’s decade of activities and how the company has remained a leader in Japanese contemporary dance with its professional approach to physicality and contemporary awareness.
Artist Interview: National Theatre Okinawa  A new Artistic Director and his Kumiodori spirit
Michihiko Kakazu“Kumiodori” is a traditional form of dance theater that was originally created as entertainment for emissary missions called “Sakuhoshi” that came to the Ryukyu Kingdom (present day Okinawa) regularly on behalf of the Chinese emperor. In January of 2004, the “National Theatre Okinawa” was opened in the city of Urazoe, Okinawa with the mission of preserving the unique Okinawan arts of kumiodori, traditional Ryukyu dance and Ryukyu music. In this interview we speak with Michihiko Kakazu, a young artist in his thirties who has recently assumed the post of the Theatre’s second artistic director.
Presenter Interview
Presenter Interview; Promoting “prison theater” Berlin’s aufBruch theater project
Peter Atanassow
Set in an Italian prison, the movie “Cesare deve morire” (Caesar Must Die) follows convicts in their rehearsals in preparation for a prison performance of Julius Caesar. The promoter and producer of such “prison theater” in Germany is the Berlin theater project aufBruch. Prison theater as a means to actively support convicts’ successful return to society after their prison terms is a movement that dates back to Germany’s Weimar Republic era. In this interview we speak with aufBruch’s resident playwright, Peter Atanassow, about prison theater.
Presenter Interview; The National Theatre of Scotland and its “Theatre Without Walls” vision
Laurie Sansom
The National Theatre of Scotland (NTS) is known as the pioneer of the concept of a national theatre without a permanent theatre facility. It is also a theatre with a strong local focus, as evidenced by its Five Minute Theatre series focused on the debate surrounding the Scottish independence referendum (Sept. 18, 2014) that saw performances held in 200 locations around Scotland. In this interview, the second NTS artistic director, Laurie Sansom, talks about the challenges of “Theatre Without Walls” and its accomplishments.
Presenter Interview; deSingel and its achievements as an international center for the arts in Antwerp
Myriam De Clopper
deSingel opened in Antwerp in 1980 as a comprehensive facility for the arts centered around an existing arts school (conservatoire). Under the direction of Frie Leysen, known as the founder of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts, deSingel became an arts center of international renown. In this interview we learn about the history of achievements and present activities of deSingel by speaking with Myriam De Clopper, who currently serves as director of the performing arts department.
Play of the Month
Play of the Month; “Minami no Shima ni Yuki ga Furu (Snow falls on the South Seas island)” by Mitsunori Fukuhara
This is a play adapted for the stage by playwright and director Mitsunori Fukuhara from the novel by the actor Daisuke Kato based on his experiences as a soldier in World War II. It is a story of group of highly individualistic men who survived the harsh conditions of war by turning their passion to theater. This play was staged in small theater tent that smelled of the earth by the theater unit Bed & Makings with actor Koichiro Tomioka.
Play of the Month; “Nineteen-year-old Jacob” by Shu Matsui (based on the novel by Kenji Nakagami)
The novelist Kenji Nakagami is known for his works that took subjects from the hard lives of people in the ghetto backstreets of his hometown of Kumano with their strong bonds and the strength with which they clung to life despite their hardships. Twenty years after his death he remains a popular and charismatic literary figure. For this play, the Kishida Drama Award-winning playwright Shu Matsui adapts Nakagami’s partly biographical novel “Nineteen-year-old” Jacob for the stage. The story is re-set in an urban setting that resembles an area near the Shinjuku district of Tokyo in the late 1960s. The main character Jacob is a young man with a troubled past who wallows in a world of drugs and sex, and hangs out at a jazz café with his friend Yuki, a young man who, despite being the son and heir of a major corporation, dreams of social revolution.
Play of the Month; “Watashi wo Hanasanaide (Never Let Me Go)” by Yutaka Kuramochi (from the original novel by Kazuo Ishiguro)
The international best-selling novel “Never Let Me Go” (Japanese translation title: Watashi wo Hanasanaide) by British writer Kazuo Ishiguro has been adapted for the stage with the setting changed to Japan. The play depicts a world where it has become common practice for people to create clones of themselves for the purpose of eventually harvesting organs for transplant. In it, we see how the clone children live out the time of their limited lives with quiet diligence in the face of their inevitable fates.
Arts Organization of the Month
Arts Organization of the Month: Artsadmin
Artsadmin is an NPO committed to a vision of being an arts lab for the 21st Century for the creation of performance, site-specific and interdisciplinary work, where the innovative, experimental and unusual are nurtured. Artsadmin is receiving around £530,000 (approx. 78 million yen)—equivalent to around 50% of its annual operating budget—from Arts Council England as a regularly funded organisation.
Arts Organization of the Month: Arts Council Tokyo
In line with amendments to the Tokyo Metropolitan government’s directives for the promotion of culture, the “Tokyo Council for the Arts” was established in 2007 as an agency under the jurisdiction of the Governor’s Office. Based on a proposal by this agency, the Arts Council Tokyo was established within the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture in November of 2012 as Japan’s first full-fledged organization following the internationally acknowledged template of an “arts council,” with the aim of developing and promoting arts and culture.
Arts Organization of the Month: Tanzlabor_21
Tanzlabor_21 is a dance platform that was created originally in Frankfurt in 2006 as part of a five-year funding program by Tanzplan Deutschland, an initiative of Germany’s Federal Cultural Foundation. In German, labor means a laboratory or research institute and Tanzlabor_21 has continued to work through its multiple and interrelated programs to successfully develop dance as a contemporary art form and help give it a more prominent role in public life in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region.
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News from the Japan Foundation
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