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Founded in 1990, Ishinha is known for its theatrical performances that are not restricted to a framework of drama. As leader, Matsumoto presents performances that are sweeping works of avant-garde art in which every element is under his direction, including the outdoor theater the troupe built with their own hands. The lines incorporating Kansai dialect intonation, similar to Balinese Kecak music called Jan-Jan Opera; and music by Uchihashi Kazuhisa, who has received acclaim around the world for his improvisation unit "Altered States." Their 2007 indoor theater performance piece Nostalgia depicts an epic journey of immigrants starting from the immigrant detention facility in Sao Paolo. Matsumoto received the Asahi Performing Arts Award for Kankara (An Empty Tin Can), an outdoor drama performed on the site of a former copper refinery on the island of Inujima, Okayama Prefecture. In 2001 they have toured around Europe with their outdoor work Ryusei (The shooting star), and in 2005 they performed Natsu no Tobira (The Summer Door) in Latin America.

Natsu no Tobira, Mexico, 2005
Photo: Fukunaga Kohji (Studio epoque)