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Born: 1976
Function: player

Toru Yonaha takes traditional Okinawa music - Okinawan folk songs, classical Ryukyu music, and the Eisa taiko drum\ and mixes it with the Tsugaru shamisen and collaborations with pop artists. He has won numerous awards in the categories of Ryukyu dance, sanshin, taiko and fue at the Ryukyu Classical Performing Arts Competition, between 1997 and 2004. He was designated a national intangible cultural asset for the taiko in 1999. He participated at the International Youth Camp in the 1999 Nagano Olympics, and the performance commemorating 100 years of Hawaiin/Okinawan Migration in 2000. He also took part in the Japan Foundation organized tour in Asia and the G8 Summit Okinawan Performing Arts Troop (North America), both in 2000. His performances overseas are numerous, taking part in the Central Asian concert, appearing with Chikudo Takahashi (Tsugaru shamisen) and playing at MIDEM 2005 in France. He has released 2 solo CDs, three CDs in conjunction with Masahiro Nitta (Tsugaru shaminsen) and Minoru Kinjo (Okinawa folk songs) and one produce CD.

Toru Yonaha
Overseas Performances
Performances based around Okinawan Island music such as Okinawa folk songs, Ryukyu classical music, taiko and dancing and eisa taikos (4-30 performers can be arranged)
North/South collaborative concerts with Tsugaru shamisen players (2-10 performers can be arranged)
Kachashi concerts comprising of Okinawan songs, shamisen, taiko and dancing \ all indispensable elements of old in celebrations (4-8 performers can be arranged)

Recommended CD/DVD
Yonaha Presents Kachashi A Go-Go (CD)
RES-92, Respect Record
Many youth groups took part in the recording of this collection of well known Okinawan Kachashi dance music. Played with Mika Uchizato and Eguchi youth group.