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Tokyo Dageki Dan*
Function: player
Company: Tokyo Dageki Dan

Tokyo Dageki Dan is a taiko musical group that formed in 1995 and is led by producer Jin-ichi Hiranuma. It is currently made up of six male members who give live stage performances brimming with youth, power and the unique appeal of a taiko ensemble. Beginning with the Japanese Drumming concert put on by the National Theatre of Japan, the group has performed at various taiko festivals, events sponsored by public cultural institutions around the country, and events for the appreciation of the fine arts put on by high schools. The group has also steadily expanded the range of venues where they have performed, bringing taiko drumming to entertainment shows and appearing in Kyoki no Sakura, a Toei produced film. Overseas, the group played a concert in 1996 in Indonesia called "Close-up of Japan," went on a month-long tour of France and Africa organized by the Japan Foundation in 2000, toured Europe in 2000 stopping in the U.K., Belgium and Finland, playing in Hannover, Germany as a part of Japan Day at Expo 2000, and performed concerts in 2003 in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In addition, the group played as a representative of the next host country at the Closing Ceremonies of the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, and has also participated in a number of other events overseas. Tokyo Dageki Dan has played together with artists of various nationalities, including percussionist Meng Xiao Liang of China, tomback drummer Esfandiar Lali of Iran, and vocalist Sergio Vargas of the Dominican Republic. The group tries to put together a complete stage performance with strong musicality, an element of fun and spectacular drumming skill.

Tokyo Dageki Dan
Overseas Performances
Tokyo Dageki Dan uses a different selection of instruments for each song, choosing among various types and sizes of Japanese drums, including oodaiko (big taiko), hiradaiko (flat taiko), miyadaiko, shimedaiko and okedaiko, originals drums the group has created themselves, Thai gongs, Chinese gongs and other types of gongs, as well as shinobue, and other instruments. The compelling allure of a taiko performance is on display as the group plays everything from simple pieces with emotional depth to ensemble numbers with wondrous skill. Their sharp performance of some 90 minutes also weaves in the beautiful melodies of the shinobue flute. Almost all the group's pieces are original compositions and are played without any PA systems.

Recommended CD/DVD
Tokyo Dageki Dan First (CD)
The debut album from Tokyo Dageki Dan. A recording of five representative compositions by the group's original members.